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Project and Turnaround Consultants, Richmond, TX, USA
Project and Turnaround Consultants was a new company providing the industry with value-added service products to aid companies in delivering successful projects, at fixed prices. Its extensive range of fixed-price project and turnaround services include consultant assistance, corporate and coaching services, audits, capital and turnaround assurance certification, schedule, estimate, risk analysis, and system review services. It has been deactivated.
5818 Brazos Lakes Drive, Richmond, TX 77469
Partner: Mr. Ord Limbrick

♦ Project Controls Manager (Partner)

I was a partner in charge of interacting with clients, managing and coaching Project Controls client teams, analyzing Project Management and Controls client issues, building, developing and implementing client solutions, and creating complex top management reports.
Good national clients were too hard to find and I returned to the job market.

CDI Corporation, Houston, TX, USA

CDI Corporation seeks to create extraordinary outcomes with clients by delivering solutions based on highly skilled and professional talent. Clients are corporations in multiple industries, including energy, chemicals, infrastructure, aerospace, industrial equipment, technology, as well as municipal and state governments, and the U.S. Department of Defense.
Seconded at end client site: LyondellBasell, Channelview, TX

1221 McKinney Street, Suite 1600, Houston, TX 77010, or HQ - 1717 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Boss: Mr. Rick Schwerdfeger , Client Boss: Mr. Ord Limbrick - scanned reference


Ref. 1
♦ Project (Lead) Cost Controls Specialist

Responsible for leading the project controls cost functions for the pre-TA phase of a LyondellBassell oil and gas local refinery project. Also oversaw many other projects to enhance, upgrade, and expand production from initiation through contract completion. Developed and implemented the project controls plan, including estimate, budget, cost and schedule benchmarks, and a risk management strategy. Led the cost team, making the interface between project controls and other cross-functional teams. Communicated work processes, controls, deliverables, reports, and requirements. Monitored and controlled purchase orders issued for 2018 Crude Project programs to manage and control costs. Duties:
• Developed a Project Controls Plan (estimate, budget, cost and schedule objectives, risk mgt. plan).
• Performed diverse ad hoc studies, analyzes, and presentations for the Program Director.
• Performed vital ad hoc $1.2B 9-yr program estimate studies with multiple projects, overall schedule, overall analyzes, and BOD-level presentations for the Program Director.
• Oversaw cost management activities for the $100MM OP-2 Flex TAR project at LyondellBassell oil & gas local refinery.
• Developed diverse Project Controls Report Systems FULLY automated by VB macros, improving control efficiency and duration by 300%. Trained PC administrative personnel on this system.
• Identified Project Controls system set-up, interfaces and fixed issues.
• Communicated the Project Controls work processes, deliverables, and requirements to the project team, facilitating all interfaces between the Project Controls team and other project functions, to allow proper input and report utilization.
• Established and maintained consistent methods of Project Controls, ensuring that information was provided in the agreed format, project status reports were compiled in a consistent and automated manner (compatible with new corporate standards), and allowing the earliest possible forecasting of costs and scheduled completion dates.
• Reviewed and analyzed contractors Project Controls documents and controlled their reports for accuracy and adherence to the Project Controls Plan.
• Monitored and controlled Purchase Orders issued to execute 2018 Crude Project programs in order to minimize costs.
• Maintains the established Change Management process.
• Supports the established project HSSE goals and objectives.
Laid off at pre-TA contract completion.

Systech International, Houston, TX, USA

Systech International provides responsive, high quality multi-disciplinary services to contractors, supporting them in the delivery of projects on time and to budget.

Address: 3400 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1011, Atlanta, GA, 30326
Boss: Mr. Nigel Oliver - scanned reference


♦ Sr. (Project Controls /) Schedule Consultant

Oversaw Project Controls Management for national and international clients in Canada and Brazil, while acting as the subject matter expert.
• Was in charge of diverse managerial reports and presentations to top management. Helped with Business Development.
• Directed Program Integration, Schedule Management, Schedule Analysis, Risk Optimization, Schedule and Claims Forensic Analyses, Claim Audits, fulfilling all contract requirements, and receiving diverse client praises.
• Did Cost Management, Budgeting, EVM, Forecasting, Mgt. of Change, Cash Management, PO Management.
• Mentored and trained less experienced client Project Controls group members as needed.
• Performed Project Risk Management processes (incl. Risk Evaluation, Analysis, Optimization, and Mitigation) for our clients.
* Laid off due to lack of projects, after two months on overhead.

Some of the projects involved:
• 1. Brazil – EPCM Capital Project – Performed project performance analysis and cost-schedule recovery Action Plan for the Puma project, involving the construction of two huge boilers for a Bio-Chemical Plant (CBC).
• 2. Canada – EPC Capital Project – Largest Canadian Shopping Center (Ledcor), US$132 MM.
• 3. Brazil - EPCM Capital Project – Did forensic claim analysis and schedule analysis of a large deep-sea platform design, procurement, and erection, for the Petrobras Netherlands FPSO P-55 Lower Hull Project, US$385 MM.

Progressive, Houston, TX, USA
Progressive GE is a subsidiary of S-3 (Strategic Staffing Solutions), a medium multinational corporation providing consulting services in Project Management, Project Controls, Quality, and Systems, for oil & gas, alternative energy, industrial, manufacturing, information technology, high-tech, and telecommunications clients all over the world.
Seconded at end client site: Exterran HQ
Other clients (HQ): Petrobrás HQ

Address: 811 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002
Client Boss: Mr. David Lemons - scanned reference, Boss: Ms. Amanda Livengood

♦ Senior Project Controller

• Was accountable for managing the cost team activities for a $75 MM capital project requiring international team integration. This included Program Cost Management, Progress Control, Risk Mgt., Change Mgt., Forecasting, Trending, Reporting, ETC, EAC Analysis, Variance Analysis, Cash Flow Control, and development and implementation of a complex cost control system.
• Managed cost reporting, budgeting, progressing, and forecasting activities. Developed of a new cost report system to increase the accuracy of overall costs, manpower, forecasting, cash flow, risk exposure, EVM reports, and managerial dashboard. Interfaced with clients, attended regular meetings, and elaborated managerial reports.
• Developed monthly project review reports, led the presentation for each of the project teams as relates to all cost and schedule items, across the entire project.
• Supervised junior members, special studies, and diverse analyses.
• Had daily interface with project managers, division directors, and other senior managers.
* Exterran lost projects and could not afford me FT any longer, and soon after I received an offer from Systech.

Projects Involved:
• 1. Brazil – EPCM Capital Project - Petrobras Manati - This $75 MM project involved basic engineering, detailed engineering, provision of material and equipment, construction and assembly, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and performance test of a new 210 MMSCFD Gas Compression Plant for Petrobras located in Bahia State, Brazil.
• 2. Brazil – EPC Project - San Alberto (LNG) Gas Compression Plant - This project involved engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning, start up, operation and maintenance of a Compression facility Station in Tarija, Bolivia. SAL ITAU Compression Station comprises of two separate facilities because SAL and ITAU gas flows will be independent. As far as utility systems, some will be combined. Six out of 21 compressors to be installed, will be acquired by Petrobras. The rest will be leased to Petrobras for the duration of the Contract. Service facilities, control room, MCC and plant safety systems will be part of the facility)

Ref-Chem, Houston, TX, USA
Ref-Chem is a merit-shop, heavy industrial construction, engineering, EPC and maintenance organization with an annual sales volume of over $200 million.

Worked as a free-lance senior project controls consultant doing urgent Planning and Scheduling work for oil & gas multinational companies.

3014 S. Sam Houston Pkwy E., Houston, TX 77047
Boss: Mr. David Bacle - scanned reference

♦ Master Scheduler (freelance)

• Did Resource Planning, and built a fully loaded (resources, costs) Master Schedule , with proper WBS coding, special layouts, properly leveled and baselined, for a critical international project. * Left when assignment was done and received offer from Progressive.

Project involved:
• US (WV) – Eng. Small LNG Capital Project - Williams Oak Grove (Shale Natural Gas Processing Plant De-ethanizer)

Faithful and Gould, Houston, TX, USA
Faithful and Gould is  a large multinational corporation of the British Atkins Group providing services in EPCM (engineering, design, procurement, construction, management) Project Management, Project Controls, Quality, Strategic Planning, and Systems, for oil & gas, alternative energy, industrial, manufacturing, information technology, high-tech, telecommunications, military and government clients all over the world.
Seconded at end client site: LyondellBassell
Other clients (HQ): BP, Phillips66, Williams, UOP (Honeywell), Global Seeds Genetics (GSG, Land O'Lakes)

Address: 2925 Briarpark Avenue, Houston, TX 77042
Client Boss: Mr. Ord Limbrick - scanned reference
, Boss:Mr. Luis Pinto

♦ Senior (Lead) Project Controls Manager

Led Program/Project Controls Management for many national and international programs and projects in a “global PMO” setting. Supervised and mentored PC members. Participated in the analyses (check estimates) of bids and proposals (Huntsman, Saudi Aramco, BC Hydro, City of Regina, etc.) and project analysis, elaborated and implemented corporate policies, best practices, procedures, forms, reports, guidelines, standards, models, and dashboards..
• Managed the overall Program Controls functions (Cost Mgt./Risk Mgt.) for all 2012/2013  oil & gas local refinery projects (expense & capital, $30-75MM) to enhance, upgrade, and expand the production of oil, gas, produced water, acid, kill water, waste water, and softwater systems through the client's Pasadena refinery encompassing facilities, tanks, pipelines, pumps, air compressors, air/steam handling units, utility power, etc.
• Supervised, trained and mentored client Project Controls group members.
* Client congratulated us for an "extremely well-done and highly successful job".
• Executed Project Controls Management for two Mexican capital projects (GSG and UOP) in 2013, travelling to client sites.
* Clients sent compliments to our team for doing "phenomenally well" in the project.
Projects involved:
• 1. US (TX) – EPC Turnaround Project – LyondellBasell Refinery (several expansion/maintenance projects)
• 2. US (TX) – diverse cost report & schedule analysis/audits - BP, Williams, Phillips66, Vopak – EPC Capital Projects
• 3. Mexico - Boiler for Chemical Plant (Cost Mgt. and Risk Mgt.) - Land O'Lakes/GSG PCM Capital Project
• 4. Mexico – Refinery Revamp (schedule Analysis and Rebuild) - PEMEX/UOP EPC Capital Project
• 5. US (TX) – F&G Corporate Cost Mgt. and Schedule Mgt. Guidelines, Procedures, Templates, Forms, etc.
* Was laid off due to lack of projects, after two months on overhead.

• Introduced, coached and acted in cultural change towards acceptance of full PMI-style Project Controls functions in leading to much more integrated and controlled program management and effective/timely conflict resolution.
• Provided guidance, direction and specialized assistance to project managers and top mgt. for the resolution of difficult and complex planning and project controls problems. Interfaced with clients, attended regular meetings, and elaborate managerial reports.
• Elaborated and implemented Project Controls policies, guidelines, procedures, forms, reports, standards, (WBS/Coding) structures, manuals, systems, etc.
•Accountable for Program Estimating, Planning, Progress Control, Earned Value Mgt., Forecasting, Risk Mgt., Change Mgt., Reporting.
• Supervised Program Planning and Master Integrated Scheduling (IMS) in Primavera P6, elaborating program estimates, PO budget recasting, progress reports, special studies, and diverse analyses.
• Mentored the work done by internal and external (contractors) Project Controls staff, leading to properly standardized, audited and updated schedules and reports, ready for managerial decision-making.
• Had daily interface with project managers, division superintendents, and other senior managers.
• Developed a highly sophisticated semi-automated Integrated Turnaround Cost Valuation tool in Excel/Visual Basic, now widely employed by the TAR group and
considered as a "major achievement" by the client.

Mustang Engineering,, Client in Bakersfield, CA, USA
Mustang Engineering is a large multinational corporation providing services in EPCM (engineering, design, procurement, construction, management), quality, consulting and systems, for oil & gas, alternative energy, industrial, manufacturing, information technology, high-tech, telecommunications, military and government clients all over the US.

Seconded at end client site: Occidental Petroleum (Oxy)

Address: 16001 Park Ten Place, Houston, TX 77084
Boss: Mr. Rob Brodt, National Acct. Manager
♦ Project Controls Manager

* Was in charge of PMO Sr. Program Controls Management for a large Oil & Gas programs within a large oil & gas corporation.
* Managed Program/Project Controls functions for three $120+MM oil & gas EPCM programs with many projects, including enhanced production of oil, gas, produced water, acid, kill water, waste water, feed water, and soft water systems through oilfield expansions, pipelines, facilities, tanks, pumps, air compressors, skid-mounted systems, drilling and gathering systems, compressed air systems, air/steam handling units, utility power.
Project Involved:
1. US (CA) – PCM Large Oilfield Program – Bakersfield basin (new large oil well field, 100+ wells)
* Left when received better offer from F&G in better city.

• Introduced, coached and acted in cultural change towards acceptance of full PMI-style Project Controls functions in a basically uncontrolled and highly resistant environment leading to much more controlled program management and effective/timely conflict resolution. Intense client interface. Led and mentored other PC staff.
• Accountable for Program Planning, Scheduling, Progress Control, Earned Value Mgt., Change Mgt., Reporting.
• Elaborated and maintained three Program Master Integrated Schedules (IMS), with proper WBS structure, loads, embedded schedules, EVM fields, productivity fields, forecasting fields, mgt. flag fields, allowing proper schedule control.
• Coordinated, led and mentored the work done by internal and external (contractors) Project Controls staff, leading to properly standardized, audited and updated schedules and reports, ready for managerial decision-making.
• Had daily interface with contractors, weekly meetings, and cultural change work.

GO Consulting Group, Clients in Richmond, VA and Bakersfield, CO, USA
Global Consulting Group (GO) is a company providing consulting services to large and medium corporations in the engineering and design, industrial, manufacturing, information technology, high-tech, telecommunications, financial, military and government clients all over the US.

Seconded at end client site: Capital One (Richmond, VA)
Other clients (at KSI, Bakersfield, CA) HQ): Chevron SJVBU, Aera Energy, Hess, Berry Petroleum

Address: 14 Atlantic Place, South Portland, ME, 04106, USA
Boss: Mr. Rick Harper, Senior Account Executive - Scanned references

Ref. 1
Ref. 2
Ref. 3
PMO Master Program Scheduler (East) / Project Controls Manager (West)

* East Coast (at Capital One) - PMO Master Program Scheduler for a very large Basel II Finance/IT program ($250+MM) with 100+ IT/Business projects. Master program schedule mgt., planning, risk mgt., performance analysis & program controls reports, etc.
PMO Program Controls Manager for large Oil & Gas programs within a large oil & gas corporation.
Project Involved:
1. US (VA) – EC Large IT Capital Project Program – Basell II Implementation (large program composed by 125 projects)
* Resigned when received better offer from Mustang.

• - Performed Scheduling Management of the Program IMS with 125+ embedded projects, including Planning, Advanced Scheduling, Resource Planning, Risk Management, Change Mgt., Trending, Forecasting, and Charts.
• Developed the Corporate Program Schedule Analysis, conflict resolution and Reporting System generating detailed schedule checks, audits, and diverse overall PMO reports.

* West Coast (at KSI Engineering) - Master Scheduler Engineer, with functions of Project Controls Mgr. for many EPCM and EPC oil & gas projects ($125+MM).
Projects: Oil, gas, LNG, and oilfield projects realted to refinery upgrades, expansions, pipelines, facilities, tanks (produced water, wash water, filter backwash, feed water, softwater, neutralization, brine, steam, waste, acid, sodium hydroxide, oil), pumps, LNG gas compressors, skid-mounted testing systems, oilfield drilling and gathering systems, compressed air systems, air/steam handling units, HVAC, utility power/lighting/grounding facilities, etc.
Projects Involved:
Clients at KSI Engineering, Bakersfield, CA: Chevron SJVBU, Aera Energy, Hess, Berry Petroleum
2. US (CA & MIDCON) – many Medium EPC Capital Projects
a. Berry Petroleum EPC Capital Projects (NMWSS Water Plant Off Plot, 2009 Water Plant)
b. Aera Energy EPC Capital Projects (DSD LOTS 2010 Upgrades, DSD LOTS 2011 Upgrades, Western Gore Flow Line Remediation, Williamson Development Package, Diffuser Upgrade, Platform Emmy Regulatory Review, S10-NMMA-A Develop., Electrical As-Builts)
c. Hess EPC Capital Projects (4904 Central Facility, PPU & PPF Skid Bid Packages, Treater Skid, Split Skid (Group & PPU), Multiwell Site Support, Group Vessel Skid, Test & Group Rails, 150 ANSI LACT As-Built, Arc Flash Calculations, etc.)
d. Others

• Was accountable for Project Planning, Scheduling, Cost Mgt., Earned Value Mgt., Risk Mgt., Estimating, Forecasting, Budgeting, Change Mgt., Risk Mgt., Progress Control, Cost Reporting, MS Project Server Administration.
• Led, coached, and induced corporate-wise gradual cultural change towards a firm fixed-price (FFP) contract in a previously completely uncontrolled T&M contract environment.
• Guided and advised project managers and top mgt. on the resolution of complex planning and project controls problems (including Bid Proposals, Budgets, Estimates, Resource Planning, Risk Identification and Mitigation, Profitability, etc.). Interface with clients, attend regular meetings, and elaborate managerial reports.
• Directed, trained, and mentored Project Controls and Document Controls team members.
• Created and implemented Project Controls policies, guidelines, procedures, forms, reports, standards, (WBS/Coding) structures, manuals, systems, etc.
• Performed full Scheduling Management (in MS Project 2007 and MS Project Server 2007). This includes best practices, CAPS, advising on control systems, server configuration/mgt., CBS/WBS, user permissions, add-ons, criteria, policies, road-maps, procedures, guidelines, templates, layouts, milestones, calendars, IMP/IMS, resource loading, costing, leveling and updating, resource pool mgt., Corp. Resource Planning, Activity Planning, Change Mgt., Progress Status Updating, Baselining, CPM Float/Risk Analysis & Mitigation, What-if Scenarios, Activity/Resource Conflict Resolution, Resource Planning, Trends, Charts, Reports, Conversions, Exports/Imports, etc.
• Performed full Cost Management, Budgeting, Cash Mgt., Cost Reporting and diverse analyses including EVM, Performance, Variations and Profitability Analyses, weekly Progress Status and Operational Review Reports, Group Portfolio Reports, Final Project Review reports, and Lessons Learned report.

Engineering Technical Group (ETG), Arizona, Clients in Costa Mesa, CA and Bakersfield, CA
Engineering Technical Group (ETG) is a consulting company with more than 1,000 employees providing services to engineering and design, information technology, software, industrial, military, medical, and commercial clients all over the US.

Seconded at end client site: Chevron (El Segundo, CA)
Other clients (at HQs of Brinderson Engineers, Costa Mesa, CA and later, at DCCK Engineering (now KSI Eng.), Bakersfield, CA HQs): BP, NRG Energy, Valero, Oxy THUMS, Kinder Morgan, and SunPower

Address: 8700 East Vista Bonita, Suite 276, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Boss: Mr. Derek Cook - scanned reference, Client Boss: Mr. Hamid Hooshvar - scanned reference

Ref. 1
Ref. 2
Ref. 31
Ref. 32

Ref. 4

♦ Project Controls Engineer

Provided Project Controls Management services for multiple large oil & gas engineering & construction projects at the same time for several clients in California ($350+Mil.). First ETG client was Brinderson Engineers, Costa Mesa, CA. The second ETG client was DCCK Engineering (name later changed to KSI Engineering).
Transferred to sister company (Global) due to lack of projects.
Projects involved:
Refinery capacity expansions and upgrades, refinery air reliability systems, pumps, compressors, oilfield pipelines, Air Force Base pipeline & fuel tanks, diverse oil & gas facilities and buildings, and renewable energy (solar panels) installations.
1. US (CA) - Large EPC Capital Project - Chevron Refinery – Yard Air Reliability Project – Cost/Sched. Mgt.
2. US (CA) – Medium EPC Capital Project – Chevron Refinery - ISOMAX (Transmation Replacement) – Cost Eng.
3. CA (Ontario) – Medium EPC Capital Project - Travis Airforce Base – Sched/Cost Eng. for Kinder Morgan
4. US – EPC Small Capital Project – THUMS (Booster Pumps & Injection Pumps) Sched./Cost Eng. for Oxy
5. US - Large EPC Capital Program - Los Angeles International Airport Expansion Program - Master Schedule/Cost Eng. for Hatch Mott MacDonald (whose client was LA Port Authority)
6. US - Diverse other projects

• Provided guidance, direction and specialized assistance to project managers and top mgt. for the resolution of difficult and complex planning and project controls problems.
• Interfaced with clients, attend regular meetings, and elaborate managerial reports.
• Reviewed and analyzed project performance and assists project management in understanding and communicating financial issues and performance,
• Supported business development efforts by participating in the proposal effort by providing financial & commercial inputs and making presentations, as necessary.
• Interfaced with other groups inside and outside the organization, senior management, third-parties and clients.
• Mentored and supervised Project Controls and Document Controls personnel,
• Did Project Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting for multiple projects at the same time,
• Full Cost Management (including Earned Value Management - EVM) for multiple projects at the same time,
• Full Scheduling in Primavera P6 & P5 and MS Project 2003 and 2007 for multiple projects at the same time.
• Project Change Management, Project Controls policies, procedures, guidelines, forms and standards,
• Weekly progress status reports, monthly operational reports, project reviews, start-ups, close-outs,
• Margin analysis, labor and non-labor corrections, strong interaction with engineering leads, etc.
• Oversaw the development of integrated management Project Control Systems (like the Budgetary & Cash Management Report,
Project Review Report, Project Completion Report, etc.) including databases, software and hardware requirements.
• Oversaw the development and maintenance of established systems to show the hierarchy of plans and schedules; keeps project
and company management fully informed.

Futher Details of such responsibilities:
In Costing:
• Collected, analyzed and reported actual manpower. Elaborated Managerial Reports over Budget, Costs, Change Mgt., Revenue,
Project Status (PSR), Performance Variations (CPI/SPI), Risk Analysis & Mitigation Plan, Productivity, Earned Value Mgt., Forecasts (ETC/EAC), Financial Margin/Cash Mgt., Milestones, Operational Reviews (OPR),
Final Review, Trends, Charts and Presentations. Use Expedition (Contract Mgr.) to control data.
• Prepared graphs, diagrams and other exhibits to illustrate Cost and Performance Current Status Forecasts for Project Management
and clients.
• Elaborated Pro-Services estimate packages, budgets, start-up & close-out packages in accordance with prescribed standards
and procedures in order to perform Cost Controlling and Master Scheduling.
• Prepared Change Orders and Labor Corrections as required.

In Scheduling:
• Developed and maintained Integrated Master Plans (IMP) and Integrated Master Schedules (IMS). This included best practices,
server configuration, control systems advising, OBS/CBS/WBS dictionaries, user permissions, add-ons, templates, criteria,
policies, road-maps, procedures, guidelines, resource loading, costing, leveling and updating, Resource Planning, Change Mgt., Progress Updating, EV, CPM/Float Analysis to detect issues and risks, What-if Scenarios, Risk Analysis & Mitigation
Plan, Trends, Charts, Conversions, etc.
• Demonstrated schedule integrity to both internal and external customers.
• Worked closely with the program management office and functional organizations, and provide independent schedule assessment as
they work with the team in development of IMS/IMPs and proposals.
• Established baseline schedules, task networking, workaround schedules, schedule status, performance tracking, trends, and critical path reporting and analysis.
• Compiled, analyzed and proactively challenged Schedule Progress Status updates from project leads after incorporating approved
• Created baselines, incorporate all resource, cost and priority changes, compile resource planning, evaluate EV Performance,
data analysis, trending and operational and financial reporting.
• Analyzed and proactively challenged schedule status inputs recommending eventual work-arounds to project leads.
• Provided composite work schedules quarterly and monthly across multiple projects.
• Integrated financial data into project schedule.

Jacobs Engineering Group, Denver, CO, USA
Jacobs is one of the top ten global engineering corporations, with over 40,000 employees, $8B annual revenue and hundreds of multimillion projects all over the world in many segments.

Clients (at HQ): Questar Gas, Chevron, Kinder Morgan

Address: 1527 Cole Boulevard, Golden, Colorado 80401
Boss: Mr. Dennis Jones, Manager of Project Controls - Scanned reference

♦ Project Controls Engineer

Projects: Refinery capacity expansions and pipelines.
• Multiple project controls management for large ($240+Mil.) projects.
Project Involved:
1. US (WY) – Medium EPC Capital Project - Gobblers Knob/Pinedale LNG Compressor Station – Cost/Schedule Eng
* Resigned when received firm green-card sponsorship offer from ETG.

• Did full project scheduling in Primavera (P5).
• Performed project cost engineering, value engineering (EVM), project budgeting and forecasting, trend analysis and forecasts, labor and non-labor corrections, margin analysis, project setup and maintenance in JPCS.
• Produced monthly operational project review reports, monthly and bi-weekly cost reports, project change management, strong interaction with engineering leads, etc.

Alutiiq, Denver, CO, USA

Alutiiq LLC is a middle-sized project management corporation (general contractor), subsidiary of the Afognak corporation. Projects included diverse control, systems and security facilities and office buildings ($133MM total).

DoD clients (at HQ): Fort Bragg, Fort Lee, Fort Drum, Holloman Air Force Base, Garrison Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen BL-2 Lab, etc.

Address:  3033 Parker Road, #1111, Aurora, CO 80014, USA
Boss: Mr. George Puziak (left) and Ms. Kristy Paine (HR Mgr) - Scanned reference


♦ Project Controls Engineer

Performed project oversight, scheduling and controls of regional projects with both Primavera 3.1/5 and MS Project.
Left at the end of EAD work authorization.
1. US (CO, MIDCON) – Small ECM Capital projects (Barracks, labs, control rooms, etc.)
- Diverse DoD projects included diverse control, systems and security facilities and office buildings ($113Mil. total).

• Provided in-depth project insight with trend analysis and forecasts.
• Did project scheduling, costing, value engineering (EVM), invoicing, budgeting, RFP estimates.
• Interfaced with design and engineering groups.
• Field assistance trips to implement/configure/check Project Controls systems and reports, ad-hoc analyses.

Colorado Technical University , Denver, CO, USA Colorado Technical University has one of the top programs in the Central-West US and is PMI-accredited.

Address:  5775 DTC Boulevard, #100, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, USA
Direction: Mr. Mark Pieffer, MBA Dean - Scanned references
Ref 1
Ref 2
Ref 3
Ref 4
♦ MSCS and MBA Student Student in a MSCS and two MBAs programs. 1st in class. 4.0 GPA in all three Master programs.
LC Consultoria and Midsol, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rendered consulting to medium-sized companies, multinationals and industries, working both alone and sometimes under the names of micro-companies (with partners), such as Midsol and LC Consultoria.

Clients (at HQ): TNAX Tecnologia, PS Contax, Hidromania, 1001 Madeiras and others. Direction of employees at client sites.

Address: Rua das Laranjeiras 115, #304, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22240
Scanned client references

Ref. 1
Ref. 2
Ref. 3
♦ President / Senior Business Consultant

Directed business management, providing consulting services to medium-sized companies, multinationals and industries. Managed staff, marketing, financial planning, bookkeeping and payroll. Supervision of subcontractors.
1. Brazil - Diverse small corporate projects - Strategic Planning, Bus. Analysis, Process Improvement, Change Mgt., Systems and Marketing Planning.
* Closed business and moved to the US, since clients were delaying payments due to the very severe Brazilian financial-economic crisis.

• Spearheaded strategic plans and tactics, project and program planning, structure, budgeting, scheduling & logistics.
• Analyzed potential business opportunities, assessed and improved organizational performance, overall efficiency, readiness, productivity, competitiveness and processes. Did change management, recommending optimal approach and change management program.
• Analyzed business processes, making optimization proposals, including structural reorganization, infrastructure redesign and alignment with objectives, new processes, and systems design, development and testing.
• Managed projects, process improvement and production optimization programs, marketing plans.
• Expanded market share and gross margin (140%) for a software/hardware reseller, improved productivity, processes and
competitiveness of several companies, cut costs, did O&M, started-up an international law office.
• Sub-contractor management.
• Acted as teacher in night management courses at Fundação Getúlio Vargas University, RJ for 1.5 years.

Petrobrás Internacional - Braspetro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Braspetro was founded in 1972 as the international subsidiary of Petrobrás - Petróleo Brasileiro SA, the semi-public Brazilian oil, gas & energy corporation (51% state, world's 5th largest oil, gas & energy corp.). It was in charge of Petrobrás global affairs with offices and operations in all continents. It had several international subsidiaries and offices worldwide. In 2000 it was merged with Petrobrás, mainly as its International and Gaspetro Areas. In Oct 2009 it was re-opened as "Petrobrás Internacional Braspetro BV" in the Netherlands to decrease taxes. Had several level promotions and positions (functions) held in the "Administrative Line" (official title).
Worked as employee of this top O&G major operator

Address: Rua General Canabarro 500, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22271-200
Boss: Mr. João Nunes, Commercial Manager (GECOM) and Sérgio Garcia - Scanned reference


♦ Marketing Area Chief
Revitalized marketing activities of the Commercial Mgt. (GECOM) of this ex-international subsidiary of Petrobrás, the multibillion-dollar Brazilian global oil, gas & energy corporation.
1. Brasil (RJ) - Diverse medium marketing projects.
* Resigned to open my own business.

• Devised and implemented global marketing strategies, policies, action plans and projects to develop market opportunities, gain new markets, launch new product mixes and improve the commercial situations, contributing to boost sales and market shares in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and turnaround gross profits from US$89 Mil. deficit to US$24 Mil. profit in the first year.
• Directed market research, segmentation, trends, demand and capacity planning, competitive intelligence, competitor actions and price elasticity analyses. Analyzed mix composition, positioning, cost-volume pricing, channel selection and bid offers.
• Coordinated future market oil commodities transactions, hedging and contracting of crude products and derivatives with the Product Management area.
• Developed brand improvement programs through effective advertising and PR programs, promotions in foreign media (TV, radio, magazines, newspaper) and events. Represented the company in fairs and events.
• Elaborated the “International Commercial Project Selection” methodology and the “Marketing Directives for Foreign Units”. Elaborated monthly international marketing reports.
• Designed the “Braspetro Marketing System” and supervised its development. Used SAP R/3 ERP to build proposals and control project costs.
• Coordinated the departmental TQM Committee and QCC in an “empowerment” setting.

Petrobrás Internacional - Braspetro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Braspetro was the international subsidiary of Petrobrás - Petróleo Brasileiro SA
Worked as employee of this top O&G major operator

Address: Rua General Canabarro 500, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22271-200
Boss: Mr. Ciro Hartz (Planning Director) - Scanned reference


♦ Planning Director Assessor

Acted as Director's key aide by detecting and solving management problems. Boosted operational efficiency and controlled risk.
1. Diverse medium E&P corporate oil & gas projects (Those included offshore/onshore field surveys, floating platforms, rigs, production systems, pipelines, flexible drilling pipe plant, storage tanks, etc.)

• Actively participated in the implementation of the Strategic Planning process to eliminate the dependency on capital injections by the holding company utilizing complex financial-econometric models and strategic analyses.
• Did Project Planning, Budgeting, and Control, besides other oil & gas strategic issues while working with multi-functional teams.
• Analyzed expansions, acquisitions, joint-ventures and oil, gas and service contracts.
• Analyzed and devised diversifications in the upstream and downstream, synergies and economies of scope and scale.
• Participated in organizational restructuring and change management with competitive emphasis.
• Evaluated the main businesses performance (projects) and organizational efficiency, to recommended action plans and measures that led to increased competitiveness, reduced costs, and higher organizational efficiency and profit levels. Such plans and measures resulted in improved operational efficiency and CRM, 30% overall cost decrease and 18% rise in competitiveness (bid gains and market shares expansion).
• Redesigned the overhead allocation criteria allowing the identification of low-profit areas, projects and depts.
• Applied prudent risk management when analyzing the company's worldwide projects and investments. Planned project operations, did project finance and schedules, and modeled exploration and production projects (including structure, schedules, resources, operations, finance and expenses - operational and capital) and controlled their performance.
• Consolidated double-currency statements and elaborated the Annual and Quinquennium Activity Plans and Budgets, with quarterly follow-up variance analysis. Issued monthly dual-currency managerial reports and did special analyses.
• Designed & supervise the development of the "Project Portfolio Probabilistic Risk Analysis System" and several other MDS/MIS.
• Did managerial accounting, audited financial-accounting systems and routines with the Corporate Audit Mgt.

Petrobrás Corporation (HQ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Petrobrás - Petróleo Brasileiro SA is the semi-public Brazilian oil, gas & energy corporation (51% state, world's 5th largest oil, gas & energy corporation)
Worked as employee of this top O&G major operator

Address: Avenida Chile 65, 8th floor, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 20031-170
Boss: Mr. Sérgio Monteiro (Corporate Controller) - Scanned reference


♦ Subsidiaries Budget Controller

Challenged to support the Head Subsidiaries Controller (SESUB Area) in the Planning Services (SERPLAN) and improve subsidiaries control.
1. All range of Oil & Gas projects under development in the 8 subsidiaries and 100+ colligated companies.
This included offshore / onshore, exploration & production, upstream, middle-stream, downstream), petrochemical, and industrial, manufacturing and commercial projects.

• Redesigned, automated and controlled the "Petrobrás Subsidiaries Budget System" and all related statements, improving significantly the accuracy, consistency and timing (a US$20+ Billion).
• Analyzed, recommended approval and controlled the performance of subsidiary projects and investments.
• Created and implemented sound financial policies, procedures and controls. Consolidated dual-currency statements, statement consistency and accuracy checking, performance/variance analysis.
• Reported managerial accounting statements and analysis to Head Controller.

Petrobrás Internacional - Braspetro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Braspetro was the international subsidiary of Petrobrás - Petróleo Brasileiro SA
Worked as employee of this top O&G major operator

Address: Rua General Canabarro 500, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22271-200
Boss: Mr. Virgílio Rodrigues (Planning Manager) - Scanned references


Ref. 1
Ref. 2
♦ Strategic Planner / Financial-Economic Planning Analyst

Analyzed the feasibility and risk of international projects and capital investments, performed strategic planning, financial planning and analysis, financial-econometric modeling, budgeting, forecasting, project coordination, project finance and performance control, in the Planning Management (GEPLAN).
1. All E&P projects under development in Braspetro’s international subsidiaries.
This included offshore/onshore exploration & production, petrochemical, industrial, manufacturing and commercial projects.

• Participated in Corporate Strategic Planning (including SWOT, BCG, IFE, EFE, IE, SPACE, QSPM analyses), Consolidated Corporate Budgets and Forecasts, performed advanced financial-econometric feasibility models, financial planning & analysis, and probabilistic risk mgt. and investment selection decision-trees.
Planned onshore and offshore E&P Oil & Gas projects (including project structuring, financing, scheduling and resourcing - operational and capital), analyzed project financial-economic feasibility, elaborated supply-chain logistics, modeled operations, budgeted, managed the costs, controlled the project risk and performance (physical progress and financial variances - EVM), elaborated schedules, controlled the cost, and issued progress reports of international projects up to $650 MM (offshore platforms, FPSs, FPSOs, TLPs in Angola, Nigeria, Libya, North Sea, Gulf of Mexico - US/Cuba, etc., rigs in Colombia, Bolivia and Equator, gas pipelines in Bolivia, flexible deep-sea pipe plant in Germany, water wells in Libya,etc.) and capital investments (including contingency plans), expanding business into 5 new regions.
• Performed onshore/off-shore E&P project level 2 scheduling, budgeting, cost mgt., performance control, risk mgt., and project finance, at the Planning Mgt. (GEPLAN).
Supervised the cash flow, and managed the costs of international projects in Latin America, Africa and Middle East.
• Analyzed and forecasted the expected risk composition, performance variance and profitability of global E&P projects
• Elaborated corporate managerial reports, consolidated the subsidiaries’ double-currency pluri-annual budgets and quarterly corporate statements (BS, IS, P&L, Cash Flow, Investments, Costs, Expenses, Dividends, etc.) considering exposed accounts and utilizing FASB 52/8.
• Oversaw the corporate Consolidated Cash Flow and Consolidated Cost reports (including all projects), including Payroll and Contingency Plans for the Financial Management.
• Elaborated the Annual and Quinquennium Budget and Activities Plan, with quarterly follow-up variance analysis.
• Designed and developed several project financial planning and performance/cost control systems.

<more work details>


• Native-like Fluency: English and Portuguese. Very good in Spanish.
• Strategic vision deriving from a cross-functional experience and a generalist multicultural background.

• Extensive and highly successful management consulting leadership experience in Management, Project Management, Project Controls, Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Risk Management, Estimating, Budgeting, Scheduling, Forecasting, Marketing, Quality Mgt., and Corporate Systems Design/Development in some of world's largest oil, gas & energy corporations and multinationals.

• Extensive and highly successful experience in Project Controls Management functions at large EPCM capital (CAPEX) and turnaround (TAR) projects and programs of cross-functional project-driven organizations, from both, operator and contractor sides, within the Oil & Gas, chemical, engineering, construction, industrial, and financial services segments.
• Staff management and supervision of subcontractors.
• Planning, Scheduling (Oracle Primavera and MS Project), and Risk Management / Analysis (Primavera Risk Analysis, @Risk, RiskyProject) of large EPCM Program Integrated Master Schedules (IMS).
• Cost Management (incl. EVM), Estimating, Budgeting, Cash Mgt., Productivity Evaluation, Trending, Forecasting, etc.
• Project Controls Managerial Reports, Profitability Evaluation, Ad Hoc Analyses, Charts, Dashboards, and Presentations.
• Corporate Strategic Planning, Controllership, and Marketing processes at top level for an Oil & Gas top major operator
In-depth expertise of Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis.
==== EXPERTISE ====
• Solid expertise in Financial Planning and Financial Analysis within cross-functional organizations. Proven history of devising innovative approaches, elaborating advanced and complex financial analysis and plans to solve difficult real world corporate problems. Analyses of acquisitions & joint ventures.

• Expert in Planning & Project Systems Development with Excel functions and advanced MS Visual Basic macros.

Firm expertise in Business Process Optimization (BPO). Good practice with process methods (Reengineering (BPR), Improvement (BPI), Total Quality Mgt. (TQM), Six Sigma, DMAIC, Lean Manufaturing, 5S, Kanzei, Kanban, Jidoka, CMM, JIT) and Analyses (Statistical, Pareto, Fishbone, Cause-and-Effect, Value Stream Mapping).
Extensive practice with Quantitative Analyses and Market research (Including SWOT, Strategic Key Factors, Financial, Statistical, Risk, Acquisition, Performance, Variance, Mfg. Cost, Market, Cost/Volume Pricing, Segmentation, Competitiveness, Change and Trend Analyses).
• Strong intellectual capability with the ability to understand, analyze and synthesize complex business, technologies and financial issues into real world strategies and relate them to end-user benefits.
• Non-linear creative thinking with the ability to freely associate and draw apparentely unrelated concepts and ideas into powerful outcomes.
• Combination of large and small company experience and the personality traits (drive, honesty, integrity, intensity and passion) necessary to blend with the management team. Quick and resourceful problem solving.
• Global in outlook, flexible to embrace change within transitional markets and travel up to 30%.
• Very organized, entrepreneurial, assertive, flexible, creative, able to prioritize and persuade at top spheres.
• Persuasive communicator, excellent PR/relationship builder and talented negotiator.
• Strong stamina, commitment, discretion, initiative, leadership, loyalty and reliability traits.
Sound IT expertise in network environments with major financial and business software.


 Project Management  Strategic Planning  Corporate Finance  Quality Control Management
 Project Controls  Budgeting/Forecasting  Financial Planning & Analysis  BPR, BPO, BPI, Change Mgt.
 Full-fledged Scheduling  Financial/Cost Control  Marketing Mgt./Strategies  TQM, Six Sigma, Lean Mfg.
 Cost Management. / EVM  Financial/Cost Accounting  Market/Consumer Research  Business Analysis
 Performance Eval./Var. Analysis  Advanced Modeling  Brand Management  Innovative Concepts & Methods
 Change Management  Top-level Presentations  Business Development  Corporate Systems Development
 Risk Mgt. (Analysis & Mitigation)  Managerial Reporting  Managerial Negotiations  Civil / Structural Engineering


MBA in Project Management These CTU Masterships are on-campus, PMI GAC-accredited programs.
Note: GAC = PMI's Global Accreditation Center

Colorado Technical University
, USA-2007 (GPA: 4.0, President's List)
Executive MBA Colorado Technical University, USA-2007 (GPA: 4.0, President's List)
MBA in Planning (major) and Marketing Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-1996, GPA: 8 (A-)
MS in Computer Science (Software Eng.) Colorado Technical University, USA-2006 (GPA: 4.0, President's List)
MBA in Finance USF / California St. Univ. Northridge, Discontinued (father's cancer, GPA: B)
Postgrad. in Applied Operat. Research Petrobras/Diven - Corporate University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, GPA: 10 (A+)
Postgraduation in Financial Management Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, IAG, Brazil, GPA: 8 (B+)
BS in Civil Engineering Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, GPA: B


OSHA Certificate - Construction Safety & Health Advanced Online Solutions Institute - IATEC provider
Certificate in Project Management Colorado Technical University, CO, USA
Certificate in Business Management Colorado Technical University, CO, USA
Certificate in Business Administration Colorado Technical University, CO, USA
Certificate in Software Systems Engineering Colorado Technical University, CO, USA
Certificate in Software Development Colorado Technical University, CO, USA
Certificate in Information Systems Security Colorado Technical University, CO, USA
Diploma in TQM / TQC Petrobras/Diven - Corporate University, RJ, Brazil
Diploma in Managerial Negotiation Techniques Petrobras/Diven - Corporate University, RJ, Brazil
Diploma in Contract Administration and Bidding Petrobras/Diven - Corporate University, RJ, Brazil
Lean Manufacturing / CMM / CMMI / Six Sigma Colorado Technical University, CO, USA
Strategic Planning Instituto Mário Vianna, RJ, Brazil
BSC Planning Petrobras/Diven - Corporate University, RJ, Brazil
Financial Acctg. & Managerial Accounting Univ. of San Francisco, CA, USA - California St. University, CA, USA
Seminars: Strategic Planning, Leadership Efficacy, Business Ethics, Business Scorecard Planning, Working with Emotional Intelligence,
                    Internet Marketing Strategies, Modern Change Management.


Project Mgt. and Risk Mgt. - Primavera P6, P5, P3.1, CM (Expedition), PPM (ProSight), MS Project 2013, 2010 and 2007, Smartworks Project Planner, Primavera Risk Analysis, @Risk, RiskyProject, PlanningForce, etc.
Office - MS Office 2007/ 2003, Corel Perfect Office, Lotus Millennium, OpenOffice.org and similar ones
Finance/Accounting/ERP - Oracle Financials, Oracle Database, Oracle Reports, J.D.Edwards, OneWorld, SAP ERP R/3, SAP SEM, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, QuickBooks Pro, Quicken, etc.
Spreadsheets - MS Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, Symphony, advanced macros & user functions.
Databases - MS Access, DBase 4, Clipper, Paradox, Oracle DB 9, etc. SQL Queries, MySQL
• Statistics - SPSS, SAS, Minitab, Statgraph.
Diagrams - Visio, Flow Charter, Smart Draw, etc.
Presentations and Animations - MS PowerPoint, Corel Presentations, Lotus Approach, Harvard Graphics, Adobe PhotoShop, Jasc PaintShop Pro X9, Flash MX, Swish 2, Movavi Video Studio, etc.
• Programming/Websites - C++ Intermediate, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Adobe DreamWeaver CS6, HomeSite, MS FrontPage